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Unleashing High-Temperature Performance with Sunpower New Energy 21700 Li ion cells

Sunpower New Energy is a trusted supplier of 21700 Li ion cells that are specifically designed for high-temperature environments. With a focus on delivering exceptional performance and reliability, Sunpower’s Li-ion cells are the ideal choice for industries requiring robust energy storage solutions. Let’s delve into the remarkable high-temperature performance of Sunpower New Energy 21700 Li ion cells and explore why they are the preferred option for demanding applications.

Sunpower New Energy’s 21700 Li ion cells for High-Temperature Environments

Sunpower New Energy has established a reputation for providing cutting-edge energy storage solutions. Their 21700 Li ion cells are meticulously engineered to perform optimally in high-temperature environments, making them a reliable choice for industries operating in challenging conditions. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Sunpower ensures that their Li-ion cells meet the stringent demands of diverse applications.

Storage and Performance in High-Temperature Conditions

  1. High-Temperature Storage Capability:

Sunpower’s 21700 Li ion cells offer an impressive high-temperature storage capability, allowing them to maintain their energy capacity even in extreme heat. These cells are designed to withstand elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable power output in demanding environments.

  1. Superior Performance in High-Temperature Environments:

Sunpower’s 21700 Li ion cells deliver exceptional performance when exposed to high-temperature conditions. With advanced thermal management systems and robust internal structures, these cells exhibit remarkable stability and efficiency, providing reliable power for critical applications.

Safety and Reliability at Elevated Temperatures

  1. Maximum Operating Temperature of 85℃:

Sunpower’s 21700 Li ion cells are engineered to operate safely at high temperatures, with a maximum operating temperature of 85℃. This ensures that the cells maintain their integrity and performance even in challenging thermal conditions.

  1. No Fire or Explosion at 120℃:

Sunpower’s commitment to safety is evident in their Li-ion cells, which boast a remarkable resistance to fire or explosion even at a high temperature of 120℃. This exceptional safety feature provides peace of mind and reliability for customers operating in extreme environments.


Sunpower New Energy is your trusted supplier of high-temperature 21700 Li ion cells. With their impressive storage and performance capabilities in high-temperature conditions, along with a strong emphasis on safety and reliability, Sunpower’s Li-ion cells are the ideal choice for industries operating in challenging thermal environments. Choose Sunpower as your reliable partner for high-temperature energy storage solutions. For more information, please check High Rate Battery: Enhanced Performance and Safety.

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