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Efficient and Compact Data Storage for Industrial Embedded Systems

With this technique, damage from shock and vibration is avoided while increased computing performance is guaranteed by substituting electronic components for mechanical parts. For sectors requiring improved performance and dependability, YANSEN’s industrial embedded SSDs are the best option.

High-Performance Storage for Industrial Applications

YANSEN’s industrial embedded SSD, the SATA DOM, offers high-performance storage specifically designed for industrial applications. With its advanced nonvolatile NAND Flash memories and semiconductor components, this SSD delivers exceptional read and write speeds, ensuring efficient data access and transfer. The elimination of mechanical parts reduces the risk of shock and vibration damages, making it highly reliable in demanding industrial environments.

Enhanced Reliability and Durability

The YANSEN SATA DOM industrial embedded SSD prioritizes reliability and durability. By replacing mechanical parts with electronic components, this SSD eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with traditional hard disk drives. It can withstand shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures, ensuring data integrity and minimizing the risk of data loss. With its robust design and high-reliability features, this SSD is the perfect storage solution for industrial applications that require continuous and reliable operation.


Industrial embedded SSDs from YANSEN are a dependable source for high-reliability and high-performance storage solutions. The goal of the SATA DOM industrial embedded SSD is to maximize computer performance while getting beyond the drawbacks of conventional hard disk drives. It has semiconductor components and nonvolatile NAND Flash memory, which provide outstanding performance for industrial applications. Eliminating mechanical components guarantees improved dependability, longevity, and resilience against shock and vibration damages.

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