Play Fish Shooting and Redeem New88 Rewards – Withdraw Hundreds of Millions Immediately

Playing fish shooting and exchanging prizes to receive tens or hundreds of millions of dong is the wish of many gamers. Fish shooting is an entertaining game that is both easy to play, easy to understand and can bring in money anytime, anywhere. However, there are still many people who are skeptical about the authenticity of this information. If you are curious and want to understand more about the game as well as how to get a large amount of money, don’t miss the article below Nhà cái new88 Please.

Playing fish shooting and redeeming prizes at  New88 to withdraw money is real or fake information?

This is exactly the information that  New88 has released on its official websites. When you participate in playing fish shooting at the  New88 game portal, you will definitely be able to withdraw bonuses from the game portal system to your bank account quickly and easily.

The reason you can withdraw money when playing fish shooting at  New88 is because this is an entertainment game with rewards. When you hunt creatures under the ocean and gain more points, you will be able to convert them into money and withdraw them to your personal account according to the regulations of this playground.

How to play fish shooting for prizes?

The gameplay of this game is exactly like its name. Each fish shooting table will have 4-8 random players, and you will need some capital to be able to reload guns, then use this weapon to defeat real creatures. many bonuses.

In the interface for playing fish shooting and redeeming rewards at  New88, you will have command buttons including: Shoot, Shoot automatically, Select gun, Use bonus items,… All of these command buttons require regular players. Regularly manipulate for the most perfect playing process.

A basic fish shooting game will include the following operations:

  • Open the fish shooting game interface at New88 – Choose any type of gun you want to use (guns have many different levels of strength and lightness).
  • Identify the swimming target on the screen -> Press the Shoot button one or more times to take down the target.
  • A completely defeated target will give you a corresponding number of points. Accumulate these points to withdraw cash from your personal account.

Tips for playing fish shooting and redeeming  New88 rewards to win hundreds of millions of dong quickly

In order for you to quickly receive millions, hundreds of millions into your account, you need to skillfully combine additional fish shooting tips. Please save the tips  New88 has compiled from the following professional players and use them as soon as you have the opportunity.

Do not use the fish shooting button to automatically redeem rewards frequently

The “automatic fish shooting” command button is equipped in the interface with the purpose of helping you still play fish shooting even when something unexpected happens. However, please be careful not to abuse this command button too much and too often.

Automatic aiming is set up by the game portal’s mechanical system. You will not be able to choose targets with a high probability of being defeated or targets in good locations. Playing fish shooting for prizes when using automatic shooting will only continuously fire bullets at random positions with no clear purpose. This will make it difficult for you to control your capital cash flow and not earn profits.

Observe and take down your opponent’s targets

If you have time, take note of the fish species with high kill scores and corresponding bullet levels. Then when you play fish shooting for prizes, pay attention to the targets your opponents are trying to defeat. You can ignore small fish, but you must pay close attention to goals with a lot of money.

After seeing your opponent trying to take down a certain creature, pretend to shoot your fish while still counting the number of bullets the opponent is shooting. When there are only about 3-5 last bullets left, you should adjust the gun to the highest level and shoot continuously at the opponent’s target. There is more than a 90% chance that you will reach your goal with only 1/5 of the amount you have to spend.

Play fish shooting for prizes during golden hours

The golden hour at  New88 fish shooting and money exchange is a time frame that is both crowded with players and gives x2 x3 bonus points. When you join the game at this time, the amount of money you receive will increase many times faster.

Normally, the golden hour will fall into 2 time slots as follows: Morning from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, evening from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. You should also prioritize playing at the fish shooting tables with the most participants to have a high chance of successfully hunting the boss.


Playing fish shooting and exchanging prizes to receive hundreds of millions of dong at  New88 is not as difficult as you think. You just need to skillfully apply the methodsShoot Fish We suggest above and combined with the actual situation, the amount of money you receive will increase extremely quickly to an unexpected level.

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