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Unveiling G&G: The Leading Name in Printer Ink Distribution

When it comes to printer ink distributors, G&G stands out as an industry leader. They offer a wide range of ink products, along with exceptional support for their partners. Here’s why G&G is the go-to choice for printer ink distribution:

Broadest Product Offering in the Industry

G&G takes pride in providing one of the most extensive product selections in the industry, covering a whopping 90% of all OEM models. This means that when you partner with G&G, you have access to a comprehensive catalog that caters to a vast customer base. Offering products for a wide array of printers ensures you can meet the diverse needs of your clientele.

Consistently High-Quality Products and Profits

With G&G, you can count on top-notch product quality. Their commitment to delivering consistently high-quality ink products translates into consistently high profits for you. Customers trust G&G for their printing needs, making it a reliable choice for distributors looking to boost their revenue.

Exclusive and First-to-Market Products

G&G offers exclusive and first-to-market products that give you a competitive edge in the market. These unique offerings allow you to capture new and secure business, attracting customers seeking innovative solutions. G&G’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve ensures you’re always at the forefront of industry trends.

World-Class Partner Marketing Support

Partnering with G&G means gaining access to world-class marketing support. They provide co-branded advertising, digital media campaigns, and customer collateral to help you effectively market their products. This support empowers you to create a strong brand presence and attract more customers.


In conclusion, G&G is the ultimate choice for printer ink distributors, offering a broad product range, high-quality products, exclusive offerings, top-notch marketing support, and continuous education. Partner with G&G to unlock new levels of success in the printer ink distribution business.

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