What is shaking odds? Instructions on how to win big today

What is shaking odds? What are the most accurate ways to bet on vibrations today? When answering these questions, bettors almost have more than 90% of winning odds against other players. Today, New888 We will share the date in this article and help bettors clearly understand what shaking odds are as well as a lot of experience in predicting and making accurate bets.

Together New88 Latest 10 learn what is the meaning of vibrating odds?

Running Ball, also known as Running Ball, is a type of bet in soccer betting. However, unlike other types of bets that are usually opened before the match and last until the official match, shaking bets are bets that are played while the match is taking place.

In addition, shaking bets are only effective for a certain short period of time in the match, so if you do not make a decision early, you will easily miss the bet and miss the opportunity to receive bonuses.

What is the valid time to start shaking bets?

It can be said that if you are a person who likes adventure, thrill, and drama, this is the most suitable type of bet for you. Because the time for you to decide to catch shaky odds calculated from the starting time until the ball stops rolling.

That’s why when it comes to shaking bets, many people often joke with each other that “As long as the ball rolls, we still shake”.

In soccer, do shake bets count as overtime?

The answer is yes.

Even when the ball is dead on the field and the referee blows the whistle to signal the end of the match, there will still be shaking in the process.

Therefore, in order not to miss any opportunity to win, you should follow the match from the first minutes until the end so you can quickly decide whether to continue betting or not. Especially in the final moments of the match.

What is the reason why many fans like to play shaking odds?

According to statistics from bettors of New88 latest tv 10, there are many reasons why this type of bet is loved by many people to bet:

  • You can easily change your options flexibly.
  • Depending on the actual situation you understand, you can make other choices, even contrary to the previous choice.
  • When playing vibrating odds, you can easily receive high bonus points, bringing in big bonuses.
  • At any time during the match, you can participate in shaking bets.

So specifically, what are the types of shaking bets? All types of bets on the first half or the entire match can be played such as:

  • Over/under odds: Total number of goals, corner kicks, number of yellow cards, red cards.
  • Play Asian Handicap with a variety of different odds decided by the house.
  • European Handicap (1 x 2 Handicap): Predict the winner, loser, or draw in each first half, second half or the entire match.

 New88 Instructions on how to play bets with high odds of winning

To help you understand the most detailed way to play tremor odds, New88 will introduce the 3 most basic types of shaking odds with the corresponding gameplay as follows:

Instructions on how to play Asian handicap betting New88 latest tv 10

What is the Asian way of playing shake bets? Asian shaking odds has the simplest way to play because it is played based on the basic rules of traditional Asian betting odds. It can be basically understood as the handicap rate that the house offers for you to analyze, predict and make a decision to bet on which team will win this bet.

However, there is a difference compared to Asian shake odds, which is that the validity of this type of bet only begins to be calculated from the moment you start betting, and any previous scores or developments will not be considered. receive.

Refer to the example below New88 Latest 10 so you can better understand the rules of this game:

You play the Asian odds 0.5 in the match between team A and team B. Even though at the time you bet, team A is leading with a score of 2 – 0. You choose to play the Asian odds 0.5 for the bet. A and handicap B 0.5 goals.

  • If with normal Asian odds, team A still keeps the score 2 – 0 and wins, you will win and win the bonus.
  • But with shaking bets, at the time you place your bet, the score is calculated as uneven. And if team A still keeps the score 2 – 0 at the end of the match, you will lose the bet; On the contrary, if team A wants to score 1 more goal against the opponent, you will win the bet and receive money.

Instructions on how to play Over/Under shaking bets

How to play and bet Over/Under with shaking odds? What is different from Asian shaking odds?

Specifically, Over/Under odds have a similar playing style to Asian odds, meaning that from the moment you place a bet, all previous results are not recognized.

Specific examples for you to easily understand are as follows:

For example, the match between team A and B currently has a score of 2-0 and the bookmaker decides to give Over/Under odds of 2.5.

  • If you bet Over, it means that from the time of placing the bet, the match needs to have at least 3 more goals for you to win the bet and receive a bonus from the house.
  • If you bet Under, it means that from the moment of placing the bet, the 2 teams must put the ball into the opponent’s net less than 3 times otherwise you will lose the bet.

How to play European odds betting?

European shake bets (also known as 1×2 shake bets) also have the same playing method as the instructions above. This means that from the moment you decide to place a bet, the results of the two teams on the field will be calculated again from the beginning.

Specifically explained as follows, from the moment you place the bet, the team with the most goals will be the team that wins the European bet. In case both teams score the same number of goals, the player who bets on a draw will win.
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What is the experience of winning when playing shaking odds?

Here are some experiences that experts have when playing vibrating odds New88 Sharing this with those who are just starting out and want to try this type of betting.

Basic notes of New88 Latest TV 10 that you must not miss when playing vibrating odds

  • The first and also important thing to note is that the betting odds of different bookmakers are not the same, and the time to accept bets is also different from each other. Therefore, you need to carefully research the house you are playing with so you can place bets at the right time and in the right place.
  • What is the reason why many people find it difficult to play vibrating odds? That is, if you do not grasp the situation and quickly make a decision, it is easy to be rejected by the dealer. So if you have determined the direction of the match in a favorable direction, place your bet now, you only have a maximum of 10 seconds to decide.
  • When playing shaky bets, if you do not carefully learn the terms of refusal and betting regulations of the house, it is easy to get excited and impatient when the bet is rejected, canceled, etc. Because this is one of the characteristics of tremors. And that is also the reason why this type of bet is for those who like drama.

What kind of matches should you bet on?

That’s advice New88 For investors who are new to this type of betting and do not have much experience, they should choose to bet on matches of medium and large sized seasons. Specifically, the matches are as follows:

  • In matches with teams ranked 3 – 5, you should not bet on shaky bets.
  • You should preview the competition history of the teams and match assessments from experts before deciding to place a bet.
  • You should choose to bet on matches where the house offers a handicap of 0.75, 0.5 or 0.25.
  • You should not participate in shaking bets in U21 matches and friendly matches.
  • If you want to try investing a few times to learn how the odds work and the rules, you should watch matches of small teams with few followers.

When should you place bets to increase your odds of winning?

  • If you participate in the game, you should decide to bet at the beginning of the 1st and 2nd Half of the match because at this time both teams are at full strength and have the highest concentration.
  • If you play handicap, you should choose the time at the end of the round to make an accurate decision and have a high winning rate.
  • If you bet on the first half, you should refer to the confrontation history and match assessments of the two teams to analyze and make a betting decision.
  • If you place a bet on the 2nd Half, you need to pay attention to the performance of both teams, playing style and physical strength to place the bet. And the odds experts often bet Over the 2nd half if no one catches in the 1st half.

Hopefully the above shares of New88 will be useful to you, helping you answer questions about what shaking bets are as well as how to play effectively and have the highest winning rate. Hope you make the right investment decisions and bring in huge bonuses.

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