Crazy Cazboy’s, a mega-discount chain, opens its first Texas store in Arlington

Arlington is experiencing a new trend of lower prices with Crazy Cazboy’s. This superstore, which opened in a former Tom Thumb at 5425 S. Cooper St., on March 26, has become a hot discount store.

Crazy Cazboy’s, a membership-only shop, sells nearly everything, including electronics, food, pets, baby, and sports.

These could include makeup, make-up, home pregnancy kits and laptop cases.

Amazon will be the source of its inventory. It is constantly changing with Target, Walmart and Amazon.

It is a bargain hunter’s paradise. The best thing about it is that the prices drop every day.

Friday is the beginning point.

* Friday – $7

* Saturday – $5

* Sunday – $3

Monday – $2

* Tuesday – $1

* Wednesday 25 cents

They are closed on Thursdays, but the store is fully stocked with new merchandise.

According to a release, although this is the first Texas location with the discount chain, it’s the fifth overall. The other areas include Guntersville in Alabama Pensacola in Florida, Columbia, Sc. Arlington’s store, at 41,140 square feet, is the largest.

John Cassimus, an entrepreneur and founder of Zoe’s Kitchen restaurant chain, was the first to think of it.

Cassimus stated in a statement that “We offer the best discounts around the most appropriate products on the market, and customers typically travel approximately 35 miles to visit our stores every day.” “We are excited to offer this exceptional membership-based retail shopping experience in Arlington, Texas.

Cassimus predicts that buyers will be stunned by the quantity of products and the large space.

He states, “Shopping at Crazy Cazboy’s will be an exciting event and we’re thrilled to bring our crazy, fun-filled, ridiculously cheap Texas deals to Texas.” It will be a fun experience and you’ll save lots of money. You won’t want to miss it!

Before entering Crazy Cazboy’s shop, customers should download the application. To help manage the number of customers who have already shopped, scanning will be done before you enter the shop.

It is not allowed to wear jackets in the store. You cannot also make purses or bags.

You can shop in the store for as many products as you like. At checkout, you have the option to purchase a $15 yearly membership, or a $5 daily pass.

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The application also allows you to shop from anywhere, at any time.

Crazy Cazboy Bins is an online service that’s available 24/7. Click the Crazy Cazboy Bins link at world-wide All orders over $30 qualify for free shipping.

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