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For the Retail Industry to Provide a Winning Magic Weapon in the Market: Hanshow’s Retail Marketing Solutions

Hanshow, a pioneer in intelligent store solutions, is transforming the retail marketing environment with its revolutionary digital services. At the heart of Hanshow’s retail marketing solutions are their electronic shelf labels and digital price tags, which serve as the foundation for digital transformation in retail, empowering businesses to automate processes, streamline operations, and engage customers in new and exciting ways.

Creating Immersive Shopping Experiences

Hanshow offers a range of innovative products as part of their in-store marketing solutions. Lumina Edge is a prime example, featuring screens installed on the edge of shelves. These screens vividly display product information, enabling retailers to engage customers and provide real-time details about the items on display. With Lumina Edge, retailers can create an immersive shopping experience that captivates customers and drives sales.

Facilitating Innovative Marketing Strategies

Another standout solution from Hanshow is Lumina Max, designed to facilitate innovative marketing activities in new retail application scenarios. This solution empowers retailers to explore creative marketing strategies and engage customers in unique ways. By leveraging the capabilities of Lumina Max, retailers can deliver personalized offers, interactive experiences, and targeted promotions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Captivating Customers with Engaging Shelf Displays

Additionally, Hanshow offers Lumina Aqua, a solution featuring double-sided LCD screens that display images and videos of product information directly on the shelf. This eye-catching display captures the attention of customers and provides them with engaging content that influences their purchasing decisions. With Lumina Aqua, retailers can effectively communicate product features, benefits, and promotions, resulting in increased sales and customer engagement.


Hanshow’s sought-after retail marketing solutions offer a holistic approach that enhances efficiency, engages customers, and drives sales. With innovative products like Lumina Edge, Lumina Max, and Lumina Aqua, retailers can create immersive experiences, deliver personalized offers, and captivate customers. Hanshow revolutionizes the industry with cutting-edge solutions, making it the preferred partner for demanders seeking to transform retail marketing.

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