Hikvision’s P2.9 Outdoor Fixel LED Display Unit: Versatile and Energy-efficient

Hikvision‘s P2.9 Outdoor Fixel LED Display Unit is a cutting-edge solution that combines versatility and energy efficiency to deliver exceptional outdoor LED displays. With its convenient maintenance features, enhanced heat dissipation capabilities, and customizable options, this display unit is a reliable choice for businesses seeking seamless and impactful visual experiences.

Front and Rear Maintenance for Seamless Outdoor LED Displays

Maintenance is made hassle-free with Hikvision’s P2.9 Outdoor Fixel LED Display Unit. This display unit is designed for convenience and supports front and rear maintenance, streamlining processes and reducing downtime. With easy access to maintenance and repairs, businesses can ensure optimal performance and keep their outdoor LED displays running smoothly, captivating audiences without interruption.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation and Durability for Any Environment

Hikvision’s P2.9 Display Unit features an aluminum chassis that excels in heat dissipation, making it suitable for various outdoor environments. Even under challenging conditions and temperatures up to 60°C, this display unit maintains reliable performance, ensuring consistent visual quality and longevity. The IP67(F)/IP66(R) protection further enhances the durability of the cabinets, making them weatherproof and capable of withstanding the elements.

Energy Savings and Customization Options for Diverse Applications

Energy efficiency is critical to Hikvision’s P2.9 Outdoor Fixel LED Display Unit. With its unique technology, businesses can save up to 30% energy without compromising visual quality. This reduces operational costs and contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach. The display unit also offers versatile cabinet sizes, catering to diverse application scenarios, allowing businesses to tailor their displays to specific needs. Furthermore, the option for customized corner cuts enables seamless 90° right-angle splicing, creating visually striking displays that capture attention.


Hikvision’s P2.9 Outdoor Fixel LED Display Unit is a versatile and energy-efficient outdoor display solution. With its front and rear maintenance capabilities, businesses can ensure seamless operations and reduced downtime. The aluminum chassis provides efficient heat dissipation and durability, making the display unit suitable for any environment. Energy-saving technology allows for significant cost reductions while maintaining exceptional visual quality. The customizable options, including versatile cabinet sizes and customized corner cuts, allow businesses to create impactful displays tailored to their specific needs. Hikvision’s P2.9 Outdoor Fixel LED Display Unit is a reliable choice for businesses seeking versatile, energy-efficient, and visually stunning outdoor LED displays.

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